How to join to the known existing network?




  • Mystisch
    This procedure is not working in my network. My router password length is 8 digits. With an unsecured WLAN its no problem to join.
  • Matthias

    The iUSB2port do not work correctly with my router: the fritz box 7360. with my airport extreme it works. the software of the iUSB2port is not very stable. 

    Hope, the will be a software update to bring this function. 

    The log of my say, that a network device is signed in the network, but the software of the iUSB2port is hanging than. at the next start, it do not sign in the network automatically. 

    I am not very happy about that.

  • Kelvin

    To Matthias,

    Are you saying the new IP address is not obtained when the iUSB2 is trying to join the fritz box 7360?

    Please send me detail issue to


  • Joachim


    use wpa or wpa2 and not wpa + wpa2 ;-)



  • Joerg

    That does not work. Step 3 and 4 are not showing on my iPad. It is connecting and done!

  • Kelvin

    @Joerg.  The device with firmware v19 has addressed the issue of Login page, so step 3 and 4 should not be appeared.


  • Joerg

    O.K. - I still does not work though, because it is not joining the existing network. I am using FritzBox 7390 with WPA + WPA2, DHCP and lots IPs available to assign.

  • Mystisch
    U have to use WPA or wpa2 instead of wpa&wpa2
  • Joerg

    Thanks Mystisch, that solved it! Works perfectly well now!


    Hi! I've found minor bug. My WiFi network (based on Apple's AirPort Extreme) is protected by MAC addresses access list. iUSBport2 reports MAC address XX:XX:XX:XX:50:5C but with 2.4/5G allowed it's real MAC address is XX:XX:XX:XX:50:5D. Please correct the setup page to show both MAC addresses (for 2.4G and for 5G networks).

  • Martin
    I set all as writed. The name of my home network and new IP adress is displayed. But still I have two networks I must change to access iUSB or internet. When I am using the internet I can not access iUSB and conected HDDs and the other way around. Sorry about my English.
  • Mystisch
    Have u checked that wpa or wpa2 is configured?
  • Martin
    I have on router set wpa2 only.
  • Andreas Junge
    Same Problem: i can't connect My WLAN using the "Personal wpa2" because my iusbport2 "Hangs" After Entering the password. It only works with very simple password or without Any. Ehen will there be a Firmware Update to fix this?

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