Using the FTPManager app

Users can use the third party iOS apps, such as FTPManager app for file management on iPad/iPhone.

1.) Connect the WiFi on iPad/iPhone to "iUSBMini..."

2.) Open up the FTPManager app and tab the "+" sign on upper right corner

3.) Type in the "Display Name" and put the default IP address "" in the "FTP Server".

4.) Leave the Protocol as "FTP" and Transfer Mode as "Passive".  After that, hit "Save"


IMG_0635.jpg                    IMG_0636.jpg


5.) "iUSBmini" is added as the FTP SERVERS.

6.) Tab the "iUSBmini"  and the "C" drive letter will be displayed which is either the inserted micro SD card or USB thumb drive

7.)  If both micro SD card and USB thumb drive is inserted, it will display driver letter "C" and "D"


IMG_0637.jpg                      IMG_0638.jpg


8.)  Tab the driver letter "C" to access data inside the micro SD card or USB thumb drive

9.)  Tab the "Edit" at the upper right corner and select the files to be transferred.  A "check" mark is next to the selected file

10.)  Hit "Download" to transfer the selected files to the Camera Roll in iPad/iPhone


IMG_0640.jpg                        IMG_0641.jpg


11.)  Hit "YES" to proceed the transferring.



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