How to save file via WebDav to the iUSBport Mini?

User can save the edited file via WebDav to the iUSBport Mini from Pages or Numbers app.


1.) Insert a Micro SD card or plug in an USB thumb drive to the iUSBport Mini device.



2.) Set the WiFi on iPad/iPhone connect to  "Sanho_iUSBmini9F24"



3.) Open up the "Pages" app



4.) Tap the icon at the upper left corner and select "Send a Copy"



5.) Select the file you want to copy ( WebDav file is selected) and tap the "WebDav" icon below.

6.) The "WedDav Sign In" box will be displayed.  key in Server Address as "" and tap "Sign In"

If the iUSBport Mini is running in Infra mode, the Server Address will be "http:// [IP Address]:81/webdav"
The IP address in Infra mode can be seen in the Setting page of iUSBport app .
The port 81 is assigned to WebDAV server.



7.) Choose the format of selected file ( In this example, "Word" format is chosen)



8.) Next screen will show the destination where the file will be copied to.  "C" drive represents the Micro SD card or USB thumb drive.

If both Micro SD card and USB thumb drive is inserted, it will display  "C" and "D" drive.

9.) Tap the "SEND", the selected file will be saved into iUSBport Mini.



10.) To verify if the file is saved into iUSBport Mini successfully, open up the "iUSBport" app and go to "C" and the "WebDav.docx" file is listed there.





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