How to clear the password?




  • Hussain

    the file is dowloading as a text file. kindly check the file please.

  • Kelvin

    To Hussain

    It is a document type file.  Please just save the file, do not open it and keep the file name as it is into USB flash drive. 

    The file will clear the password the setting in the device.


  • Hussain

    Hello Kelvin

     I have done the steps as stated here, but till now no benefit. It is still requesting a password. 

  • J.D. SKAlpel

    Yes, not working. I set in iUSB app new pasword, but its been i think to difficult, pass is AirSoft1993?@Carp, but the iUSBport mini cannot connect, say bad password.. then i try restart it with this steps, but not working... :( Now i have non functional device.. thx dear developers... what now? 

  • Kelvin

    To J.D SKAlpel

    Please remove the special characters "?@" from your password.


  • lucacacucciolo

    i'm trying to reset the password without success!! how can i use again my device? Now is non functional!!!!!

  • Kelvin

    @lucacacucciolo, please send your issue to  Our support team will assist you.

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