How to connect iUSBport Mini to the existing known network?

Please follow the steps below to connect the iUSBport Mini to the existing known network:

1.) Set the WiFi on tablet or smart phone to connect to "Sanho_iUSBmi...."

2.) After that, open up the Safari or Chrome web browser.  Key in the default IP address "" in the URL address bar.

3.) Tap the Setting (gear wheel icon).  "C" folder is the Micro SD card if it is inserted into the iUSBport Mini device.



4.) Tap the SSID under the WLAN Station:



5.) Check the "Join WLAN:" and select the existing known network SSID



6.) Key in the password of WiFi after the known network SSID is selected



7.) The iUSBport Mini is joined to the known network "Daniel" and the IP address "" is assigned.



8.)  To access the iUSBport Mini device, type in the new assigned IP address in the web browser (Safari or Chrome browser only)

9.) If using third party iOS file management apps, such as GoodReader, File Browser, Documents by Readdle, apply the assigned IP address to connect it.



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    I've tried this multiple times with one particular WiFi network and my iUSBport Mini does not connect to the existing network.

    The only thing I can think is that the iUSBport does not work well with network's password as it starts with a $ (dollar) symbol.

    All other devices connect fine to the network with this password it is only the iUSBport that does not and I can't change the network password as I do not administer it.

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    Even if iUSBport is well connected to my existing network, i can't navigate and/or open any website or use any app. When I open Safari and try to go to a website, it automatically redirect to the "homepage" of iUSBport app. How can i solve this matter? Thanks. Ps: look to the attached file.

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