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How to connect iUSBport Mini to the existing known network?



  • Psiren

    I've tried this multiple times with one particular WiFi network and my iUSBport Mini does not connect to the existing network.

    The only thing I can think is that the iUSBport does not work well with network's password as it starts with a $ (dollar) symbol.

    All other devices connect fine to the network with this password it is only the iUSBport that does not and I can't change the network password as I do not administer it.

  • Luca
    Even if iUSBport is well connected to my existing network, i can't navigate and/or open any website or use any app. When I open Safari and try to go to a website, it automatically redirect to the "homepage" of iUSBport app. How can i solve this matter? Thanks. Ps: look to the attached file.


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