Full screen RAW images do not display with the correct colors but thumbnails appear fine.

The advantage of shooting in RAW is that you are obtaining data directly from the image sensor without any image processing (e.g. image sharpening, white balance etc.) or alterations, thus ensuring in the highest image quality and fidelity.

The disadvantage is without any processing or editing, RAW images usually do not display as nice or vibrant as processed JPEG images.

When displaying the RAW image, COLORSPACE UDMA uses an automatic algorithm to calculate the white balance point, which may differ from actual taken white balance, resulting in off or dull colors.

Image thumbnails of the RAW image are obtained from embedded JPEG or other post-processed image formats with correct white balance values, hence they display with the correct colors.

These thumbnails are used by the cameras themselves during the display of the image on the LCD screen.

We are currently in the process of improving the automatic white balance algorithm so that RAW images will display with colors closer to the original scene.

Also in the works is to allow the user to define their own white balance (K temperature) values.

All these will be available via future firmware updates.

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