I have "HDD NOT FOUND" Error on my ColorSpace UDMA, what should I do?

It is most likely the hard disk is bad.  In order to confirm it, please remove hard disk from ColorSpace UDMA by unscrewing both sides of the cover case.
Swap in another known good 2.5" SATA interface laptop hard disk or put the hard disk into a USB 2.5" enclosure and test it with the computer.

If you are not able to perform the above suggestion, please hold the device up to your ear to listen for any strange "clicking" noises which would indicate problems with the internal hard drive.

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    I have just taken delivery of a brand new device and exactly "HDD not Found" appeared. I find this MOST unsatisfactory. Anyway, I removed the back plate, removed the battery and then the hard drive; reinserted them and replaced the back plate and now it works.

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    Ossie Bruce

    Try pressing the reset button - this worked for me!

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    Tom R. Mehlum

    I just bought a brand new ColorSpace UDMA 320 Gb from B&H in New York, and I have both "HHD not found" when starting up and "Card not found" when I put in a CF card.

    I just have a little problem, I live in Norway and are back here now. How can this be solved?

    Fil 22.07.15, 17.34.52.jpeg
    Fil 22.07.15, 17.36.06.jpeg
    Fil 22.07.15, 17.35.48.jpeg
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    Mr Dobson

    When I got a persistent 'HDD not found' I simply removed the HDD & then refitted it.

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