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I have "HDD NOT FOUND" Error on my ColorSpace UDMA, what should I do?



  • irtrythall

    I have just taken delivery of a brand new device and exactly "HDD not Found" appeared. I find this MOST unsatisfactory. Anyway, I removed the back plate, removed the battery and then the hard drive; reinserted them and replaced the back plate and now it works.

  • Ossie Bruce

    Try pressing the reset button - this worked for me!

  • Tom R. Mehlum

    I just bought a brand new ColorSpace UDMA 320 Gb from B&H in New York, and I have both "HHD not found" when starting up and "Card not found" when I put in a CF card.

    I just have a little problem, I live in Norway and are back here now. How can this be solved?

    Fil 22.07.15, 17.34.52.jpeg
    Fil 22.07.15, 17.36.06.jpeg
    Fil 22.07.15, 17.35.48.jpeg
  • Mr Dobson

    When I got a persistent 'HDD not found' I simply removed the HDD & then refitted it.


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