I got a wrong .SEF error message on ColorSpace UDMA, how do I fix it?

To re-install correct SEF into the ROM of UDMA, please try the following
1, Download the latest firmware .SEF  file from www.hypershop.com and store it
into the root folder of an empty memory card. Please use a memory card of at least
512MB. BE SURE that the SEF file must be renamed "CSUSTART.SEF".
2, Insert above memory card into UDMA and then turn on UDMA.
3, Select the 2nd BIOS option, "Boot from memory card ..." and BIOS
will load the operating system from memory card.
4, After operating system starting, select "Upgrade" and select the
CSUSTART.SEF to re-install correct SEF file into the 2nd region of ROM.

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