How to transfer data from ColorSpace UDMA to external USB hard disk via OTG adapter?



1) Connect the OTG adapter to ColorSpace UDMA and other end of adapter is connected to an external USB disk.

     Power up the OTG adapter with AC charger plugged in.


2) Go to Tools > OTG > Format > format on the external USB disk into FAT file system first.


3) The OTG adapter detects the external USB hard disk and enter "Format".

   (Western Digital 2TB Passport hard disk, model number WDBY8L0020BBK.)


4) After format is done, go to OTG > Manager > a drive letter "W" is displayed, represents the external USB disk.

5) Press the right arrow cursor key to access "W" drive.


5) In  the "W" drive, press the Menu key (upper left button) and select "NEW FOLDER" and enter.


6) Rename the "New Folder" and enter "OK" when it is done.


7) Now the folder "New folder" is created in "W" drive.  (/W/Newfolder)


8) Very important: After the new folder is created, press the Backward cursor key to go back to the File Manager windows where the drive "C" and "W" are listed.

9) Press the right arrow cursor key to access into "C" drive which is the internal hard disk in ColorSpace.


10) Select the file to be copied and a Green checked mark is on the selected file.


11) Press the Menu key and select "COPY".


12) Very important: Again press the Backward key cursor to go back to File Manager window.

13) Press the right arrow cursor key to access into "W" drive.

14) Hit the right arrow cursor key again to access "New Folder", and press Menu key to select "Paste".


15) The selected files are being copied from ColorSpace to the external USB disk.

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    Lucas Frykman

    I have been unable to use my OTG since I got it over a year ago. I was convinced that either it or the Colorspace was defective. I even exchanged the OTG for a new one and still had the same problem. I spent hours with tech support, reformatting it, re-downloading firmware, re-rebooting it, redoing it all again... every time, dead end. It being the only product on the market that can sync hard drives without a computer, thereby allowing field storage and backups of data (that I know of), it was frustrating to say the least. I was not following the procedure (very well) detailed above; I was following the manufacturer's manual. When I went to tools>OTG>sync I was given the three options: sync, select, cancel. But 'sync' was grayed out and choosing 'select' sent me back to the OTG menu in an apparent glitch. (It still does, actually. I'm still unable to use the sync function.) Using the extended, peculiar, and finicky method described above, I have just copied test files from my Colorspace to my external hard drive. Thank you, Shirley.


    Sanho, thank you for making this product. I cannot believe nobody else is doing it. Every photographer who works in the field needs the ability to download cards to a hard drive and back them up. And we need to do it quickly and easily. But please, please...make it better. I know you have newer models, but I hear they suffer from the same quirks and faults as the CS UDMA. Integrate the OTG. Streamline and modernize the menu. Make it work.

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    Escribo desde Argentina. He comprado el Colorspace UDMA, junto a un adaptador OTG, pensando que era la solucion para descargar mis fotos en los viajes y así tener el respaldo de mi trabajo.

    Primero creia que el OTG, que no encendia la luz verde era el causante que no pudiera tener la conexion entre el Colorspace y el disco duro externo. Recibí  una buena asistencia y lo envié , fue reemplazado en un corto tiempo.

    Jamas pude hacer funcionar el dispositivo  para transferir a un disco duro mi trabajo. Hasta compré el mismo disco que aparece en estas fotos pensando que así lo lograria.

    Simplemente NUNCA funcionó.

    Lamento que un producto tan caro no funcione. Lamento estar tan lejos que  es imposible vaya a reclamar .

    Deberían testear sus productos antes de ponerlos a la venta.


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