How to backup images to new created folder?




  • Jörg Knörchen

    The display has a lot of free space. Why don't you show what the current target folder is? Having multiple folder and choosing different targets for different memory cards would be much easier and user friendly to really know and see where the files/card will be copied to!

  • terry ross

    works well. as the udma2 seems to back up everything on the card every time, I will set 31 folders and import to them as a day e.g 7th jan is 71 , 8th jan is 81 etc

    would be great if it would either see what it has copied  ( so the cf card is not copied fully every time, meaning many duplicates that have to be deleted.

  • terry ross

    just shows the forums are great, now found how to do incremental backups, forget all the new folders



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