How to reboot OS from memory card?

When it comes to the failure of operating system in ColorSpace UDMA2, the startup options will be displayed when the unit is powered up.



In this situation, user has to reboot the unit from memory card and then reinstall the firmware.  Please follow the steps below:

1.) Prepare a memory card, either CF or SD cards.

2.) Save the both attached "CU2START.SEF"  and "PD500_20130521_v30" into the memory card.

3.) Insert the memory card into the unit and powers it up.

4.) At the Startup Options, select option <5> SATA Test first.

5.) Let the SATA Test runs for few seconds and then press the "Exit" button (lower left button) back to the Startup Option.

6.) Select the option <3> Boot / G/ CU2START.SEF

7.) The unit will boot from the memory card and go to the main menu.

8.) Enter the Settings > Firmware > Firmware Update > Go to "G" drive letter and hit the Right arrow cursor key to access into "G" ( Do not press the center round button)

9.) In the "G" drive, select the file name "PD500_20130521_V30.SFP"  ( no the INDEX file start with "_PD500_....")

and hit the center button to update firmware.

10.) Once the firmware is updated, the unit will be powered off.  Reboot the unit and it should back to work normally.


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