How to do Incremental Backup on the ColorSpace UDMA2 ?

Please follow the steps below for Incremental Backup:

1.) Insert the memory card and go to IMPORT from the main menu.

2.) After enter the IMPORT, the screen below is displayed.


3.) Select "Import" to do one full backup from the memory card.

4.) The default folder "" is created when full backup is done.

5.) After shooting more pictures in the same memory card, insert it to the unit again.
     Enter the IMPORT from main menu, and select "Imp. Inc".


6.) Enter "Imp. Inc" and press the Right arrow cursor key on "BACKUP".


7.) Under the "/C/BACKUP", hit enter on "".  (The destination must be in the "")

8.) Only new picture files in the same memory card will be backed up.


9.) Once it is done, it will show "Status: Transfer OK!".


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