How to transfer image files from the ColorSpace UDMA2 to iPad via WiFi?




  • John Porter

    I follow all the steps and see the file transfer to...somewhere. It's not in my camera roll and I can't find it anywhere on the iPad. Please help, as I need to be able to transfer multiple photos at once, rather than one at a time.

  • Nathan Wolfson

    John, in step 9 what folder did you select?




    In general I agree.  Doing one at a time can be useful, but it would also be very nice to be able to select a whole folder from the Colorspace, or a who range of files, for wireless transfer to the iPad.  

  • John Porter

    I select "Photos", but it does not appear in the camera roll. They do appear in "local" storage within IUSBPort, but I haven't figure out how to access this storage from outside the app.

    I did find a kludge that works, but it doesn't buy me alot. When they are in the local storage within the app, I can hold my finger on the listing and "send" the photo, one at a time, to the photo roll.

    I'm off overseas in 48 hours and this is, shall I say, less than optimum.

  • Nathan Wolfson

    Try FTPManager Free, from the app store.  It appears to do what you want (though all the solutions seem to require you to choose each photo you want to import) at least as far as putting it in your iOS Camera roll.

  • Nathan Wolfson

    I have also found that the app GOODREADER will let me download a whole folder from the Colorspace (yeah!) but that means I get both the RAQ and JPEG and end up re-downloading stuff, if there is more than one session in a folder (ie, I added photos to the folder after having first downloaded it once already).

  • Jörg Knörchen

    I would love to see an option to set a filter. I shoot RAW+JPG and would love to mark all JPG's and copy just the smaller JPG's to my iPad. It is a hassle to click each second photo in a folder that contains up several thousand photos that I shoot one day. With iOS7 the sort function to sort all images depending on their extension is not longer working, which made it just a tiny bit easier and I could tap each file in a row, but even this is far away from a convenient way of working. It is horrible to have not such an basic and easy option and makes this app not being usable for a pro!

  • John Porter

    OK, so I noticed last night that there was an update for iUSBPort in the App store, so I downloaded it. I am pleased to report my issue has been resolved. I can select multiple files, copy them, go to Photos, create a folder and paste them. They then appear directly in my Photos app. Couldn't be easier.

    Well done.

  • Leslie Ross
    Please update the instructions on saving photos to iOS photos to reflect the icons and process for the current app. Thanks!

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