How to transfer files from ColorSpace UDMA2 to external USB storage device via OTG adapter?


1.) Please format the external USB hard disk to FAT32 before connecting to OTG 2 adapter.
2.) Plug in the OTG 2 adapter to ColorSpace UDMA2 and the other end of adapter is connected 
     to external USB storage device.  Insert the AC charger to power up OTG 2 adapter.
3.) Go to "File" and enter.

4.) The external USB storage device is detected as "Removable Disk" with drive letter "U".
5.) Enter the "Local Disk (C:)" to select the files to be copied to.

6.) A green checked mark is on the selected file.

7.) Press the Exit, the lower left button to File Manager window and select "Removable Disk (U:)"

8.) Hit "Paste" in the "U:" drive.

9.) Enter "Yes" to confirm the numbers of file to be copied to.

10.) A message of "Copy file complete!" is displayed once the copy process is finished.

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    cristobal prado

    Hi, I can not transfer files from the UDMA2 to  my Lacie rugged  mini. I have followed all the steps described here several times without success. Also tried using the option  "sync to". But when I do that, the UDMA2 freezes and I have to reset.  I bought this thinking I could always make a second backup from my files  in an external SSD, so it's very disappointing. Any advice?. 

    Thank you.

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    It failed also with my setup. External drive formatted as ExFAT with Apple-System. The idea of the UDMA2 is very good but working with it is a real pain in the ass! Hey, we have 2014 and that Dos-like system is really outdated I´m not a bloody idiot with computer but that gadget kills me. Please firmware-update to make this item useable for normal people.


    Best, Peter__

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    Given that modern computers do not offer the option of FAT32 formatting, how is one supposed to complete the first item on the list?

    I have tried exFAT but although the Colorspace appears to recognise the drive, any attempt to copy to it ends in a message "Failed to copy to OTG drive"

    As a last resort, I contemplate taking the drive out of the Colorspace and putting the "will be external" one in its place and formatting it. Anyone have any ideas as to whether that would work?

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