How to get ColorSpace UDMA2 join to the existing known network?

1.) Plug in the WiFi adapter to ColorSpace UDMA2 unit and power it up.

2.) The SSID "HyperDrive" and IP address "" will be displayed on screen.

3.) Connect WiFi on iPad to "HyperDrive"


4.) Open the Safari browser and type in the IP address "" into the URL address bar.

5.) It will go to the HyperDrive web app, where the "C" drive letter is the hard disk inside the ColorSpace unit.  

6.) Tap the "Setting" icon at the lower left corner.


7.) In the Setting page, tap "ON" the Join Known Networks.

8.) Select the SSID of existing known network.  If the SSID is not broadcasted, select "Other..."


9.) Key in the correct password to join to the known network and hit "Done"


10.) Once the password is entered correctly, a successful message box will be displayed.

11.) Reboot the ColorSpace unit and the assigned new IP address will be shown on screen.


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