How to get the HyperDrive work with the latest iOS version?

Due to the hardware limitation in HyperDrive for iPad, it doe not work with the latest iOS.

The solution is simple.  With the iUSBport/iUSBport2, it will turn the device back to work with the wireless connection to iDevice.

1.)  Connect the HyperDrive device to iUSBport via USB cable.  ( connect from the Mac/Pc port on the HyperDrive to USB port on the iUSBport device)



2.)  Have the iUSBport app installed into the iDevice.

3.)  Connect the WiFi on iDevice to "iUSBport"



4.) Launch the iUSBport app and tab the "iUSBport-1" under the Dashboard.



5.) The "C" drive letter will be shown in the right column, which is the attached USB storage device on iUSBport.



6.) Tab the "C" drive letter to access the data inside the attached USB storage device.


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