The comparison between the ColorSpace UDMA2 and HyperDrive Hard Disk for iPad.

HyperDrive Hard Disk for iPad (HDIP) ColorSpace UDMA2 (HDU2)
No LCD Display screen LCD resolution is 320 x 480
Compatible with CF, SD/SDHC and Memory Stick (all in FAT32 format only) Compatible with CF, SDHC and SDXC
Support iPad only via iPad camera kit Support iPad, iPhone or other tablets via WIFI adapter
Connects to computer via USB cable Connects to computer via USB cable or WIFI
Files are imported to Photo album on iPad from HyperDrive, image or video file only Files are imported to third party iOS app, such as "GoodReader" or "iFiles"
Can play .MOV, .M4V and .MP4 video file only in Photo album Can play .MOV, M4V, MP4, AVI, MKV or etc in supported video player application
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    Barry K. Moritz
    Good info. More needed on 3rd party is apps that might apply. Ftp also possible?
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