How to upload images/videos from HyperDrive to iPad?

Please follow the steps below:

1) Plug in the provided USB cable to "iPad" port on HyperDrive, and the other end is plugged to the iPad via the iPad camera kit.


2) Once both unit is connected, the HyperDrive icon will be displayed on the iPad screen.


3) Tap on the icon, hit the "Import All" (blue button).


4) Next screen will show the contents from HyperDrive, such as folder or file.

5) Tap on the folder ( blue check mark is on), and hit Import > Import Selected.


6) The next screen will display images from the selected folder.

7) Tap on the files which need to be imported ( blue check mark is on) and tap Import > Import Selected.


8) Once the selected files are imported to Photo album, a Green check mark is on.


9) Go to Photo, the imported files are saved.  Double tap on the file to view or play in full screen.


10) To go back to the previous screen, tap on the folder icon with a reversed arrow, and hit Import > Import Selected.

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