How to fix the "End of Test" message?

Please follow the instruction below to rectify the "End of Test" showing on the screen.

1.) Turn on the device, and connect the WiFi on computer to "iUSBport'

2.) For Mac user, please go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server > type  smb:// in the Server address >  connect as a "guest"

     For Window user, go to RUN > type \\

3.) Computer will detect the iUSBCam device as a network drive.



4.) Look for the file name and delete it.

5.) After the file is erased, reboot the unit and the "End of Test" should be disappeared.

6.) Download and save the attached firmware, IUSBPCAM.SEF into an USB thumb drive. 

7.) Insert the USB thumb drive to the iUSBCam device to update the firmware to v80.  It is to prevent the device back to "End of Test" stage again.

8.) When you see the iUSBCam's screen shows "update to v80", press the power button one time to proceed it.



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