How to access/download the entire contents of the memory card using the web app.

*This guide will show how to access all of the photos stored on the memory card using the web app.


1. Make sure that the iUSBPort Camera is turned on with the camera plugged in and that your computer is connected to the iUSBPort's WiFi network.


2. Open Google Chrome or Safari Web Browser, and connect to the iUSBPort device by typing "" or ""

*If the iUSBPort Camera is joined to your home network, please refer to the screen of the iUSBPort device for the IP address.



3. Select PTP.



4. You should be able to see the photos on the right panel of the screen.

*** The web app is designed for touch devices. In order to scroll down/up you will need to drag (from bottom to top) in order to scroll down or the opposite to scroll up. Just as you would with a touch enabled device.

The same concept applies when previewing the full size photos, dragging from left to right or right to left will allow you to scroll through the photos.



5. Select a photo to see a full size preview. Right click on the photo to download it to your computer (This will be the full resolution image).





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