How to connect and use the Windows app for iUSBportCAMER / iUSBportCAMERA2?




  • Heraldo Feijó de Carvalho

    Amazing with smartphone android!

    Did not work with my notebook Windows 7.

    I need a help, please.


  • Kelvin


    Please save the iUSBCam_Win.ex in your Windows computer, and then rename the file to iUSBCam_Win.exe

    It should be working.


  • Alex Santos

    I'm getting this message running the software. Is the software design to only run on 32bits?

  • Kelvin

    @Alex Santos,  your computer does not have the updated Java version, please download and install the latest version


  • Alex Santos

    Can I download the photos on the SDCard using FTP?

  • Kelvin

    @Alex Santo.  Yes, you can.  Plug in a USB card reader to iUSBCam and insert your SD card to USB card reader.  Use the FTP app to transfer images from SD card to computer or tablet wirelessly.

  • Alex Santos

    Can I download the photos I take automatically using the FTP option?


    I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I can find any info online.



  • Kelvin

    @Alex Santos, you can email us all your questions to  

    The iUSBCam runs its own app to auto transfer or download images to iOS/Android/Mac/Windows platform.  We have the app for each of them.

  • Jason Moore

    I am just curious about what app to use on an android device to watch/stream movies that have been saved to it?

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