How to connect and use the Windows app for iUSBportCAMER / iUSBportCAMERA2?

*This guide will show how to connect a computer running Windows 7 to the iUSBPort Camera device

*This guide will apply to both versions (Version 1 and 2) of the iUSBPort Camera line.


Before you start:

Please download the attached iUSBPort Camera app, "iUSBCam_Win. ex".

*In some cases, the end of the file has to be renamed from ".EX" to ".EXE"

Java is required to run the application, you can download/install the latest version here.

Once both apps are downloaded and installed, you can proceed.

1. Join the iUSBPort / iUSBCam WiFi network.

*Sometimes its necessary to connect via Google Chrome browser first for the app to be able to detect the iUSBPort device.

A. This can be done by opening a Google Chrome browser and type in "" (for Version 1 devices) or "" (for Version 2 devices - iUSBPort Camera 2)

B. Once you see the iUSBPort Main Menu, you can close the Google Chrome window.





2. Open the iUSBPort Camera App  Screen_Shot_2014-06-10_at_2.54.58_PM.png

An error message (see below) may show, please click "OK".



3. Click on the drop down arrow to see the list of detected devices and click on the listed address to connect to your iUSBPort Camera.

Click "Rescan" if you do not see the IP Address listed on the small window.

If you still do not see the IP Address after pressing Rescan, please do the connection verification under step 1.



4. Meet the iUSBPort Camera Dashboard


1. Battery Level (Camera’s Battery)
2. Shots Remaining  
3. Shutdown Button
4. Current Camera Mode
5. Shutter Speed
6. Aperture Value
7. ISO Setting
9. Metering Mode
10. White Balance
11. Shoot Quality (Jpeg / RAW)
12.Drive Mode
13. Manual Focus Controller (Slider)
14. Manual Focus Controller (Button)
15. Time Lapse Setup (active only when live view is turned OFF)
16. HDR Setup (active only when live view is turned OFF)
17. Main Viewing Area (Viewfinder)
18. Thumbnail Area
19. Current Download Path
20. Change Path Setting
21. Open Download Folder
22. Auto Download Toggle
23. Video Mode Toggle
24. Live View Toggle
25. Shutter Release Button


Windows App is below:

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    Heraldo Feijó de Carvalho

    Amazing with smartphone android!

    Did not work with my notebook Windows 7.

    I need a help, please.


  • 0


    Please save the iUSBCam_Win.ex in your Windows computer, and then rename the file to iUSBCam_Win.exe

    It should be working.


  • 0
    Alex Santos

    I'm getting this message running the software. Is the software design to only run on 32bits?

  • 0

    @Alex Santos,  your computer does not have the updated Java version, please download and install the latest version


  • 0
    Alex Santos

    Can I download the photos on the SDCard using FTP?

  • 0

    @Alex Santo.  Yes, you can.  Plug in a USB card reader to iUSBCam and insert your SD card to USB card reader.  Use the FTP app to transfer images from SD card to computer or tablet wirelessly.

  • 0
    Alex Santos

    Can I download the photos I take automatically using the FTP option?


    I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I can find any info online.



  • 0

    @Alex Santos, you can email us all your questions to  

    The iUSBCam runs its own app to auto transfer or download images to iOS/Android/Mac/Windows platform.  We have the app for each of them.

  • 0
    Jason Moore

    I am just curious about what app to use on an android device to watch/stream movies that have been saved to it?

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