How to connect to the iUSBportCAMERA/ CAMERA2 and access Camera Control? (Android)

This guide will show how to connect to the iUSBPortCamera/ Camera2 using an Android device.

*The iUSBPort Camera App is needed in order to connect to the iUSBPort Camera, the app can be downloaded from Google Play store.


1. Turn on the iUSBPort Camera and connect your camera to the iUSBPort device via USB. Wait until it shows "Camera Ready"

glossy-warning-icon.jpgIf your camera has USB 3.0, please use the USB cable that came with your Camera body.



2. Connect your Android device to the iUSBPort's WiFi Network

glossy-warning-icon.jpgFor Android devices that have cellular data (3G/4G/LTE) you may need to DISABLE "Mobile Data" or ENABLE "Airplane Mode" to be able to successfully connect to the iUSBPort's Network.



3. Open the iUSBPort Manager Application once open, select the iUSBPort Camera device (1) that's listed on the main menu. Tapping the Settings Icon (3) gives access to the iUSBPort Camera's basic configuration such as SSID, Password, Infrastructure mode etc.

glossy-warning-icon.jpgIf "" or "" is not showing up, please tap RE-SCAN (2) or verify wireless connectivity.



4. After tapping on the iUSBPort Camera from the Main Menu, select "Camera Control"



5. The next window will be the Camera Control Dashboard



More information about the dashboard can be found in this page (see link below)

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