How to connect iUSBportCamera to iDevice?

1.) iPad/iPhone Users have to install the free iUSBCam app from the Apps Store.


2.) Users can connect the iUSBportCamera to iPad/iPhone in either Ad Hoc or Infra mode.

Ad Hoc mode is peer to peer connection, no internet access.  While the Infra mode is having the iUSBportCamera connected to the existing known network.


3.) In the Ad Hoc connection, please power up the iUSBportCamera device first (without connecting to camera) and wait till the screen shows "iUSBport"



4.) After that, connect the iUSBportCamera device to the DSLR camera and turn on the camera.  The screen on iUSBportCamera will display the "Waiting App.. Camera Ready"



5.) Next, connect the WiFi on iPad/iPhone to "iUSBport". 

6.) Open up the "iUSBCam" app. and the window below will be displayed.

The first icon with camera image is the Control mode, and the second icon with a tablet is the Client mode.



7.) Tap the "Control mode" icon,  the camera control window below will be displayed.



8.) To run the iUSBportCamera in Infra mode, please click the instruction link below:


9.) Once the iUSBportCamera is joined to the known existing network, a new assigned IP address will be displayed on the device.   Connect the WiFi on iPad/iPhone to the known network instead of "iUSBport" and then follow the step 6 to 8.





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    pino fasulo

    i try with the above instructions but never happen!
    My camera is a Nikon D7000, that appear supported (otherwise I never buy the device!).

    using safari I try to open the device but any app store appear.

    the same using the app: no cameras appear.

    the device show: waiting app and camera ready, but nothing work.

    How can I solve the problem?

    my e-mail is:


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