Android native app for iUSBportCAMERA / CAMERA2




  • Robert Benson


    I can't open the android file.


  • Daniel

    You need to open the .apk file with your Android device.

  • Sam

    I also can't open the apk file on my Android phone. (LG-E730 - Android 2.3.4) - I downloaded it directly to the phone or copied it on the memory card. But both ways are not working.

  • Daniel

    Sorry the Android app only works on Android 3.x.x and above.

  • Ric Yeung

    Hi Daniel, I am using Nikon D800E. I have used the new Android apps for few days and find it so far so good. The apps is very stable with my GS2. The new UI and manual focus is very useful and user-friendly. However, if you could provide an enlarge image function in LV mode, it would be even better because the manual focus must be very precise to a focus point. The regular image size is not good enough to ensure the peak focus point of the object being obtained. Anyway, keep it up. Now I can feel iUSBport can really beat CamRanger!!! Ric

  • Daniel

    Hi Ric! Thanks for your kind words.
    We will look into it.

  • Russell S

    Just tried it on my Nikon D3s. Works we so far. However the battery level meter doesn't work. Will give it a good workout and post any bugs i find

    Camerd: Nikon D3s

    Android Device: Asus Transformer 2

  • Patrik


    there seem to be a slight problem with the autofocusing using both Android app and web controls. After marking the desired point on the display, camera focuses on it. But right before taking a picture camera changes its focus to somewhere else. Are you aware of this behavior? Is there any solution (existing or in the works)?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!


  • Ric Yeung

    Hi Daniel,

    I found an issue in the Android apps LV with M Mode of my Nikon D800E. When I use LV of the apps and set my camera with A/P/S mode, the LV works perfectly. However, once I change to M mode then no image display in apps' LV. I think it should be a bug. By the way, this symptom happened in both Android and IOS apps.

    Hope you can find the root cause and address it in next version update. As I love iUSBPortcamera and the apps very much. You know, it make me like a pro-photographer!



  • vladTheTech

    Every time I try to connect using this app from either of my android devices, I get a warning message that says "The camera is being controlled by another device now. Slave mode will be active." What am i doing wrong?

  • vladTheTech

    Disregard my last message I am playing with this device more and more and learning new things. When the devices flashes "Self Control?" I kept pressing the power button which I believe was the problem.

  • 4cpu

    I cannot get anything like what is shown on you screen.  I have a Nikon D7100 and I am using a Motorola Droid Rzrr Maxx and a Kindle Fire HD--8.9".  I have shutter control  ISO and WB.  I do not see live view.  I can see shutter speed on camera but have no control of focus etc.  I tried this out with help from Angelo in your company, I understand you are working on a fix.  I was told the system worked with the D7100 by the salesman and your company.  The android software is 4.0.? 

  • Stuvw

    Why is none of this in the manual PDF?

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