How can I obtain and update firmware to iUSBport without an access to computer?

The following instruction is for users who has no access to computer while on traveling, but they do have a WiFi tablet or smart phone with them.

1.) Get a Free WiFi access from cafe or hotel.  Open up the Safari or Chrome browser and go to



2.) Tap the "Cloud" icon to bring up the drop down window and select "Knowledge Base"



3.)  In the Knowledge Based page, please look for the link to download firmware or application.  In this example, we search and find the link to download the "".


4.) Tap the "" and the "Open in" window will be displayed



5.)  Tap the "Open in" and choose "Open in Documents".  It is the Document by Readdle app and it is free from Apps Store.



6.)  The "" is saved inside the Documents



7.)  Once the app is downloaded completely.  Please switch the WiFi on tablet to connect to the iUSBport. 

8.)  Insert a USB flash drive into the iUSBport device.  Open up the Documents by Readdle app.

9.)  Now, we want to copy the app to the USB drive on iUSBport.  Select the app and hit "Upload".

10.)  The "Upload To" window will be shown up.  Select the destination iUSBport where the app is copied to and in this example, it is the ""



11.)  Tap the "" > "C"  where is the USB drive > hit "Upload" > the selected app will be stored into the USB drive.



12.)  After that, user can reboot the iUSBport device with the USB drive in and perform firmware update or refresh app


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