How to sync data to DropBox from attached USB disk via CloudFTP (iUSBPort)?

Please follow the steps below:

1.) Download the attached Dropbox app (
2.) Save it into an USB flash drive.
3.) Insert the USB flash drive to iUSBport (formerly known as CloudFTP) and power it up.


4.) Wait till it is showing "Refresh App?" and press the power button once to proceed.


5.) Refresh is under going, and when it is finished, unit will restart itself.
6.) Must create the "Dropbox" (not dropbox or DropBox) folder inside the USB disk.
7.) Put data into the "Dropbox" folder. 
8.) The iUSBport is running at Infrastructure mode (join to the existing known network).

dropbox1.JPG    dropbox2.JPG

9.) Open up the Safari browser, type in the assigned IP address which is displayed on the unit.  Tap the "Dropbox" to continue.


10.) Key in the user name and password of Dropbox account, and hit "Start Sync".
11.) Message of "Dropbox Sync is running..." will be displayed and hit "OK".


12.) On the unit, it will show the sync is in processing.


13.) Once the sync is finished, it will display the number of sync files.


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    No sync, upload only. iUSBport is "read only" for Dropbox app.

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