How to setup Time Machine backup with external USB storage wirelessly via iUSBport/ CloudFTP?

1) Format the external USB disk (320GB) in "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"

2) Enable the "HFS+" Writable to external USB disk.  How to do it?

     a) mouth the external USB disk (320GB) to Mac computer

     b) open Terminal and disable the Journal >  "sudo /usr/sbin/diskutil disableJournal / dev/disk1s2"


     c) insert the external USB disk to iUSBport / CloudFTP device and connect it to iDevice or computer.

     d) open up Safari Browser and go to the iUSBport / CloudFTP web app interface. 
          (In the example below, the iUSBport /CloudFTP is running in Infra mode with the IP address     

      e) tap "App"  and select "HFS Writable" 


      f) enter the "Enable Writable" which makes the external USB disk a writable disk in HFS/HFS+ format


3) Open Terminal and create a disk image in Desktop screen from Mac computer



*A 120GB size in HFS+J format is created and name the disk image as "MacBook-Pro-Backup.sparesebundle

4) The disk image of "MacBook-Pro-Backup.sparsebundle" is created in Desktop

5) Select the disk image and right click on mouse, select Open with > Disk Utility


6) Repartition the image disk and name it.  (Name: Samba Backup)


7) Command "K" (connect to Server), type in the SAMBA server address (the IP address displays on the iUSBport/ CloudFTP unit)


8) Connect as Registered User and key in Password, hit "Connect"


9)  Drag the image disk from Desktop into "CloudFTP-C"


10) After copying image disk is completed, double click the "MacBook-Pro-Backup.sparesebundle"

11) Then the "Samba Backup" is mounted under Devices


12) Go to Terminal > diskutil list > to identify the location of "Samba Backup" device

13) The "Samba Backup" IDENTIFIER is disk1s2 from the list below

14) To enable the ownership of Samba Backup > "sudo diskutil enableownership /dev/disk1s2"


15) Lastly, move the "Samba Backup" device as a backup destination for Time Machine

16) Type "sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/Samba\ Backup"


17) Turn On Time Machine and select the "Samba Backup" to prepare backup


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