How to save files via WebDav to the iUSBPort device?

Please follow the steps below to copy edited file to external USB storage device: 

1) In this example, the iUSBport/ CloudFTP is running at Ad Hoc mode (no internet access). 
    Note: The new web app must be refreshed first and then update to firmware v29.  
    Please refer the Installation Guide.

2) Connect the WiFi on iPad to "iUSBport".


3) Open up the "Pages" app and tap "Edit" at the upper right corner.


4) Select the edited file to be copied to, tap "Share via" icon and select "WebDAV".


5) In the "WebDAV Sign In" box, key in Server Address as "" and tap "Sign In".

    If the iUSBport is running in Infra mode, the Server Address will be "http://192.168. x.x:81/webdav"
    The assigned IP address is displayed on the unit when it is in Infra mode.
    The port 81 is assigned to WebDAV server.



6) Next screen is to choose format type of the edited file.


7) Select the destination folder in C: which is the attached USB storage device on iUSBport/ CloudFTP.

8) Tap "Copy" and the edited file will be saved in the destination folder.


9) Open up the "iUSBport" app ( a free app from iPad Apps store), the edited file "WebDAV.doc" (it's in Word format) or "WebDAV.pages" (it is in Pages format) is saved in the USB storage device.


10) The "WebDAV.doc" file can be reopened in "Pages" app to do further editing and resume the process above to save the new edited file back to iUSBport/ CloudFTP.

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