How to view images from digital camera on iPad via CloudFTP?

(Note: The current iUSBport, the PTP app is already installed during production.)


For the CloudFTP with firmware v12 or below, please follow the steps below to install the PTP app or simply update firmware to v29 (Firmware Update Guide)


1) Download the PTP Application. (Picture Transfer Protocol)

2) Unzip it and names it as "CloudFTP".

3) Save it into an USB flash drive.

4) Insert the USB flash drive to iUSBport/ CloudFTP, and powers it up.



5) The screen will show "Refresh App", and press the power button to confirm.


6) Refresh is under going, and when it's completed, the unit will reboot itself.



7) The PTP Apps is installed finally.



8) Connect the iUSBport/ CloudFTP with attached camera to iPad via WIFI, and go to the iUSBport/ CloudFTP web app in Safari/ Chrome browser.


9) In the CloudFTP web app window, tap the "PTP" and images can be viewed on iPad big screen.

*Please note: Only images taken from camera and in JPG format can be viewed, not support RAW and video files.  The size of JPG file must be less than 10MB.

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