Auto copy files from memory card to ext. USB storage through USB hub.

With the latest firmware version 29 installed on iUSBport/ CloudFTP, users manage to do auto copy files from memory card to external USB storage device through an USB hub.


1) Connects the external USB hard disk to the USB hub, and connects the hub to CloudFTP/iUSBPort device.

After that, power up the CloudFTP/iUSBPort device.

(please note: the external USB hard disk must be in FAT32 or NTSF file format)


2) Have a memory card (CF/SD) inserted into the USB memory card reader, and then have it plugged into the USB hub.  

(Please note: The DCIM folder is in the memory card)


3) CloudFTP/iUSBPort will detect the memory card, and message of "Copy Card?" is displayed, press the power button to confirm.


4) Copying is under processed, and showing the progress percentage, transferring rate.


5) Once it is completed, a message of "Copy Finished, numbers of files" is displayed.

After a while, the unit will shut off.


6) The copy is based on Incremental Backup method. 

If the same memory card is inserted, it will copy the new file only.

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    Could you please tell me, does iUsbPort Mini provide same functionality?
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