Using the "iUSBPort" application to upload files from USB storage device to iPad.

Follow the steps below to upload files from USB storage device to iPad :


1.) Power up the iUSBport / CloudFTP unit and set iPad's WiFi to connect to "iUSBport" or "CloudFTP".
*Note: the iUSBport/CloudFTP is operating in Ad Hoc mode at this stage.


2.) Open up the "iUSBport" app, it is free download from App Store.


3.) The attached USB storage device to iUSBport unit is detected as 'iUSBport-0" with the IP address

Tap on the "iUSBport-0", a "C" drive will be displayed on right column which represents the attached USB storage device.


4.) Tap the "Edit" button on upper right corner.  Select the images to be copied, a RED check is marked on the selected file. 

Tap the icon of "arrow from box" at the bottom page, the File Option is displayed and tap "Copy to".


5.) A dashboard window is opened, select the destination where the files to be copied to.

Local---file is saved in the "iUSBport" app.

System Album---file is saved in the photo library of iPad.

iUSBport-0---file is saved in the attached USB storage device.


6.) Tap the "System Album", the Photo Library window is opened. and 

7.) Tap "Select Folder", the selected files will be copied to camera roll.


8.) Tap the Transfer icon, a window of file transferring progress is displayed.

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