I forgot the hidden SSID/password of iUSBport/CloudFTP. How do I reset it?

Please follow the steps to reset iUSBport/CloudFTP:

  1. Download the firmware file "_iusbport_.inf" , keep the name as it is and save it into the USB flash drive.
  2. Power on iUSBport/CloudFTP and wait till it is fully powered up with SSID/password (if any) being displayed.
  3. Insert USB flash drive into iUSBport/CloudFTP and wait till the LCD screen says "Clear All" press the power button to confirm.
  4. Wait for the firmware to be updated (less than a minute).
  5. The next time you power up the iUSBport/CloudFTP, it will be reverted to default factory settings.

If the firmware "_iusbport_.inf" does not work, please use the second firmware "wd700.aut" and follow the above same instruction.

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