How to transfer file from iStick to iDevice?

1.) Please launch the iStick app


2.) Tab the iPhone/iPad icon to create a new folder inside the iDevice.

IMG_1683.jpg               IMG_1684.jpg


3.)  After the folder is created.  Please go back to the MAIN menu as it's shown in the step 1 and tab "iStick" to access the data inside the iStick unit.

4.) Tab the "Edit" at the upper right corner and select the files to be copied or transferred.

5.) A blue check is marked on the selected file, then tab the "Copy" icon

IMG_1685.jpg                  IMG_1686.jpg


6.) Select the option of copy to "iPad/iPhone"  and then choose the destination foler

7.) Tab the "Move to here" to paste the selected files into the destination folder.



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