How to transfer files from camera roll to iStick?




  • Patrick Hutchinson

    Ok when I get to Step 6, the only option displayed is Copy to I-Pad.

    What to do?

  • Patrick Hutchinson

    Never mind. For a piece of precision hardware this is pretty lame. Jiggle the handle applies to toilets, not Lightning connectors

  • Patrick Hutchinson

    The I-Stick cannot access the Camera Roll, only the Albums within it, thereby excluding more than 75% of my pictures.


  • Kelvin

    @Patrick Hutchinson .  Please go to the Setting on iPad > General > Privacy > Photos > make sure the iStick is on in Green color.

  • Stephen Dahl

    Worked as advertised for me.

    iPhone 5s, OS 7.1

  • M S
    Keep getting the following error (see pic). Went into privacy>photos>settings after the first time, but still getting the same message. Please help.

  • Arthur Hibble
    I find that I cannot copy more than 5 or six photos at a time from my iPad to the iStick. Any one else have this problem.
  • Venus
    Trying to copy a picture from Camera Roll to iStick, I become a blank page without folders to indicate where to copy....... After the instruction to copy, cpying is going on, but no trace find on iStick. Can some one help me further?
  • Kelvin

    @Venus, please go to the Setting on iDevice > Privacy > Photos > make sure the iStick app is switched to GREEN.

  • Kelvin

    @Venus, please reinsert the iStick, and make sure the iStick icon is not grayed out from the main menu.

  • Vladimir Radojcic

    "Istick" is greyed in the app and never shows when i want to copy to istick. Checked all the settings, still not working!

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