How to save edited file back to iStick?


1.) Launch the iStick app by Ming Yan.  It is a free app from Apps Store on iPad/iPhone.



2.) Tab "iStick" to access the contents.



Screen_Shot_2014-09-06_at_12.51.47_AM.png                 Screen_Shot_2014-09-06_at_12.56.08_AM.png

3.) Select and open the file to edit.                                              4.) Tap the "Open In" icon




4.) Open in either Pages or Docs To Go or other third party editing apps.




5.) In this example, the selected file is opened in the Pages app.  Once the file is edited, tap the "Open In" icon.



IMG_1183.jpg              IMG_1184.jpg

6.) Tap "Open in Another App"                                         7.) Select the edited file



IMG_1185.jpg              IMG_1186.jpg

8.) Select the format of edited file                                    9.) Tap "Choose App"



Screen_Shot_2014-09-06_at_1.27.21_AM.png                 Screen_Shot_2014-09-06_at_1.28.27_AM.png

10.)  Open in "iStick".                                                          11.)  The iStick app is opened and tap the "iPhone"




12.)  The edited file is saved into the "Inbox" folder.

13.)  Go into the "Inbox" folder, and tap the "Edit" (on the upper right corner) to select the file to be saved into iStick flash drive.



14.) Lastly, tap the "Copy To" icon to save the file to iStick flash drive.

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