How do I choose the right HyperJuice battery for myself?

Please look at the model comparison diagram on the front page of HyperJuice. We suggest customers look at the RED number, which is the energy size of HyperJuice compare to MacBook. 

For an example, a fully charged MacBook 15" Pro can let you run for 3 hours regularly. The energy size of HyperJuice 100w battery is 1.7 times of MacBook 15" Pro, and it will give you another 5 hours (3 hrs x 1.7 ) of power. 
By doing this simple math, you will have an idea of which model meets your need.

The BLUE number is based on the result from the wireless productivity test, by wirelessly browsing various websites and editing text in a word processing document with display brightness set to 50% on a MacBook with a Better Battery Life setting.

The test setting above might not apply to your computer environment.

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