How to fix the corrupted firmware?

If you come across to have a corrupted firmware on the UDMA3, such as an example below, the device goes to BIOS menu when it is powered up.


Please follow the steps below to fix it:

  • 1. Please copy CU3START.SEF and PD600_V49_20170518.SFP in root folder SD or CF card. PS: SD or CF need to be FAT32 file system.
  • 2. plugin memory card  to UDMA3 device.
  • 3. switch on UDMA3 until enter BIOS system . (If the device is already on, you can skip the step 3)
  • 4. select option 1--"Boot from Card".
  • 5. select Settings->Firmware->Firmware Update
  • 6. choose proper firmware version -> "PD600_V49_xxxx"
  • 7. wait for firmware update finish.
  • 8. UDMA3 will reboot.

If the solution does not fix the issue, please email us to for further assistance.



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