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Does it support Apple SuperDrive?



  • Isaac Chute

    Seriously?  Not good enough for a device that costs $99 USD.  I just got mine last night in Best Buy looks like a cool device, but then I got home and plugged it in and the first thing I did was plug in my SuperDrive and viola!  No joy, the device complains that it needs power to work, but it is plugged correct in, makes a clicking sound but won't accept cds.  Then I log onto your site and find that it won't work with your device but you support non Apple which does not help me.  I view this a significant design bug in your product.  Please fix your bug.  I am going to take the HyperDrive back now and get a refund.  Who knows what other Apple devices your device will or won't support.  Please label your product correctly if it does not support basic Apple devices as the SuperDrive. 

  • Kelvin

    @Isaac, not just the HyperDrive USBC hub, other brands of USBC hub do not support Apple SuperDrive either.  The reason is because there is a chipset inside the Super Drive to prevent it being recognized by third party hub, we can't override it.

    If your main purpose is to get the SuperDrive to work, you just need to get an USBC to USB adapter, plug it into the USBC port on MacBook directly, and the SuperDrive will work like a charm.



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